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Shift Left and Increase your Code Quality with GitHub Branch Protection Rules

If you're using GitHub as your source control provider, then I'd encourage you to using Branch Protection Rules if you're not already doing so! In this blog post, we'll cover what Branch Protection Rules are and how they can increase your code quality.

August 30, 2021
Using Azure DevOps and Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set Agents to deploy your private workloads

A little while ago, I wrote a blog post on Using the GitHub self-hosted runner and Azure Virtual Machines to login with a System Assigned Managed Identity, which seems to get a good amount of views week on week. Reflecting on some questions that have popped up this week (and regularly received over my time in the DevOps space), I thought that it makes sense to write a post on how to use Azure DevOps self-hosted agents to deploy to private resources. So, that's what we'll be covering in this post!

October 8, 2021
Using Azure Arc for Apps - Part 3 - Deploying Azure Functions into an App Service Kubernetes Environment

In part 1 of this Using Azure Arc for Apps series, we explored Azure Arc and Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes clusters. In part 2, we deployed an App Service Kubernetes Environment into our Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes cluster. As you'll likely be aware, both Azure Functions (this blog post) and Azure Logic Apps (the next blog post) can run on Azure App Service. The same is true of an App Service Kubernetes Environment, we can run App Services, Logic Apps and Azure Functions.

June 2, 2021

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Building Solutions in the Cloud

By now, we should be aware of the benefits that the cloud can bring to any individual or organisaton. There are plenty of case studies, talking about the scalable, flexible and economic benefits. Companies see the cloud as a differentiator, and utilise it to disrupt and innovate in their respective markets. Gartner predicts that in 2016 the total public cloud market is due to increase by 16%. But, Chris - You’re starting a blog about technology. Why are you talking to me about customer case studies and market fact? Why? Context.


August 4, 2016
System.out.println('Hello World');

Surely, a Hello World post is a right of passage for technical bloggers?


July 4, 2016